Freaked out by Parkinson’s and the effect on this type A personality. The reality is setting in, but I’m in for the long haul.

bad-newsThat hot afternoon I immediately head for the computer to dig through Google to see what I can find out on my own. Of course the doctor spent a whole 15 minutes explaining what would happen over the course of the disease.  But I’ll just do my own research.  It’s easy (sure, wrong, you bet)  I’m sure all of us spent a lot of time crawling around the dark corners of the net.


Bottom line, don’t believe everything you read until you research and validate:

  • Parkinson’s symptoms reversed in monkeys by groundbreaking new treatment. ( scientists in Japan managed to improve the condition of monkeys given an artificially induced version of the disease.
  • Because of an attack on stem cell research at least one regenerative medicine company to seek friendlier treatment south of the border
  • Dubious overseas clinic takes money for treatments they promise to cure Parkinson’s.
  • A company in Spain is pioneering a new kind of treatment which can destroy the tiny piece of brain tissue causing Parkinson’s type tremor.
  • Try a treatment in which holes are drilled in the skull and cells from aborted foetuses are implanted does not really cure the disease
  • A 2016 study by researchers at the University of Saskatchewan found a possible way to stop the progression of Parkinson’s. Researchers have created caffeine base chemical compounds to fight the disease.

Hopefully this will give you an idea of what I’m talking about. There is a lot of excellent data on the Internet and I usually rely on our government based research facilities such as the National Institutes of Health.

Also, we have some outstanding organizations and associations that deal with Parkinson’s and the latest research. I spend quite a bit of time reading the various forums that are available and you can get routine questions answered professionally.

Learn to rely on creditable associations in your local area that offer ongoing seminars on a monthly basis. Being a little skeptical will help you dig through the mountains of data that’s available on the subject.

In closing, just use common sense and you’ll do fine in your search for information. Also meet other people in support groups to help you stay motivated and positive.  Also, as you search Google and Twitter, someone is usually trying to sell you something!!!

Caveat Emptor









let the Parkinsons ride begin and fasten your seatbelt. Welcome to my nine year journey and how I thrive day-to-day.

coas4oad Here we go! The diagnosis, explanation, now an explanation in English, and I’m headed for the door, to rush to the pharmacy to take a drug that I know nothing about.

The diagnosis

 I’m sure this  is high tech for the neurology business. The doctor notices my slight tremor in my left arm and asked how long this is been going on, and I said number of years but I was assured it was nothing but an essential tremor.  Wrong! It’s a form of Parkinson’s disease and then the doctor starts to explain a little about the disease, and at the same time observing my reaction. I’m sure he’s glad I didn’t fly off his table on the cold tile floor, because that’s what I felt like. Now, we get a little more high tech in the diagnosis, as I walk up and down the hall and he notices that I shuffle a little bit and don’t move my arms as required. After a final strength test week he pushes on my arms to see if I can still lift the beer can. At this point I’d settle for a good 12-year-old scotch on the rocks.  Hell, where is my walker?  Think I better visit the rest room before leaving the building.  Oh, I forgot to get a Handicap tag, but they don’t match the color of my car!!!!

Still in a daze at this point!!  Wait until you read what I do next.  Whew.

Next week more insight.  toonvectors-137386-940



Panic attack—-does Parkinson’s cause memory loss?

Here I am sitting in a Home Depot parking lot trying to figure out where I placed my lost wallet………

It began as a normal day, as I work on my honey-do list. I was getting ready to handle some challenging jobs at the house. To put it in perspective, I’m not very handy. However,  I have a lot of fun and help the economy by utilizing local handymen.

After exploring the store, I gather up my necessary items to begin the project.    I go through the self checkout line and discover my wallet has vanished into thin air. I apologize to the clerk supervising the area and take a hike to the car to start looking everywhere for my wallet. Move the seats up.  Move the seats down.  Look under the seats.  I am trying to handle the stress and continue my search. I got quite a few steps on my pedometer t after going up and down all the aisles looking for my small brown walle. I begin to visualize someone  using my credit cards to head to St. Barts ( an island in Caribbean.)

After putting all the parts back on the car(glove box, floor mats, secret compartments), I leave my information with every store clerk, hoping that someone will turn it in.  My lovely wife will be happy (I hope) since I have found a few items missing for years in many hiding places in the in the car.

As I finish scavenging through the car, I gathered up a small handful of coins. I decided  I would walk over to Starbucks and realize I don’t have enough money to buy a cup of coffee! Okay, around the corner  is McDonald’s,  I get a senior cup of coffee at a major discount and feeling a lot better.

Whats for lunch???

Well I think about the memory issue I mentioned at the beginning of the post.  I realize that I remembered how to get home and all the pertinent information. Of course I had to Google the subject and discovered the two diseases are not really related. Feeling confident again, I jump in the rush hour traffic for the 17- mile trip home, and don’t even have to use the GPS.  Why was I 17- miles from home?  I’ll let you know when I remember. (Ha)

Thank goodness for a strong marriage, as my wife took the bad news of my trip pretty well. Yes, darling,I know I have to get a new drivers license and call the credit cards companies and banks. Well, so far it has not been a very pretty day, as I get set to deal with the issue at hand. I had been home about 20 minutes and the doorbell rings. (just what I wanted. Whew!)

As usual, no one is in a big hurry as the bell usually means UPS or Fed Ex. The bell continues to ring, and I head to the front door and noticed the pickup truck and middle-aged man in work clothes, waiting patiently.

In broken-English he introduces himself and holds my wallet up. He opens it and takes my driver’s license out to make sure he has the right person. He slowly tells how he saw the wallet fall out of my car, as I was walking into Home Depot.  He said he looked all over the store for me to no avail. He stated, that he did not want to leave the wallet at the store as he wanted to make sure that I got it back. He hands me the wallet and said he looked at my driver’s license and did not touch any of the currency or anything else in it.

We visited for quite a while, and I’ve properly thanked him.   He teared up and told me how glad he was to help.  We gave him a nice reward and a hug mixed with a few more tears.

This kind man has a small landscaping company and takes care of some lawns in our area.   I immediately told him he was our new landscape man, and that i would be glad to help him get other clients in the area.  I’ll follow through to help grow his business!!!

A final hug from my newfound friend ,and he slowly gets in his older pick-up full of work tools and heads off for a special holiday weekend.

I had just met my Angel

A nerve-racking day turned out to be one of the most memorable days I have ever had. And yes, there are still a lot of good people out there willing to help out to make life easier for their fellow-man


Cognitive Impairment | American Parkinson Disease Assoc. › … › Symptoms of Parkinson’s

these cognitive processes are often linked to alertness. Sleepiness and sedating medications can impair attention and working memory function




About Pop Pop’s extended journey with Parkinson’s symptoms and disease

Parkinson’s is not a fun experience, but a positive attitude and lifestyle will play a major role in how it affects various people.

I was officially diagnosed with a form of Parkinson’s in 2009 after having minor tremors for a few years.  WOW!  I will never forget that first visit with the neurologist, but he was rather shocked when I asked him how this would affect my golf game?  So, a  neurologist with a pony tail  and black trench coat really ruined my day and certainly burst my balloon.

My family recently suggested that I should share my experiences, which hopefully will help others with this disease.   I hope and pray that I can help people deal with and understand the issues that I have  lived with for almost 10 years.   I am not a physician and not trying to give medical advice.  I still can’t blame Parkinsons for my current golf game, but keep trying.

I look forward to your questions and comments.

Welcome to my world where a grandson can beat you at golf and enjoy every minute of kidding you.

Here we are in our senior years also known as the golden years which is really a big misnomer you consider all the factoids affecting the senior in today’s world just think nine-year-old grandson beats his silly pop pop at golf and loves every minute of it. Of course he reminds you he only lost one ball  and you lost all yours and welcome to my world.

And the nine-year-old is just the beginning we also have a seven-year-old and a five-year-old who keep you on your toes cause you to do silly things. I love it it’s never a dull moment with three babies as we call them they are life at this point and we have many funny stories coming down the road but the sailboat is making one of his last journeys